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How to choose high-quality LED display

Good quality Full Color LED Panel for sales
Good quality Full Color LED Panel for sales
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How to choose high-quality LED display
How to choose high-quality LED display

LED display screens, now is widely used in various industries, so how consumers in the complicated LED display industry environment, their satisfaction with the selection of a product? Here by the Rui Ling photoelectric led display manufacturers engineers Some simply summarized for you, as your filter reference.

How to choose high-quality LED display
High-quality LED display

LED display is the most critical component of LED devices. General criteria for selection are: brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, large-scale, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. Secondly, we should also refer to:

 1. Mosaic, dead phenomenon
 Mosaic refers Steady appear on LED display normally black or small squares, both modules necrosis. How many dead spots mainly by the LED chip is good or bad to decide.

 2. Failure Rate
 Refers to the LED display will begin to assemble the failure rate of aging 72 hours before shipment should be no higher than ten thousandths (of a failure of the LED device itself causes)

 3. The balance effect
 White balance is one of the most important indicators of the LED display. Chromatics taken in red, green and blue ratio of 1: 4.6: 0.16 pure white will show, if the actual proportion of any deviation occurs the white balance bias
White balance is good or bad is determined by the LED chip, LED chips for the reduction of color also have an impact

 4. Antistatic ability
 LED is a semiconductor device, sensitive to static electricity, static electricity can easily lead to failure, so the antistatic ability is critical to the life of the display. Generally speaking, LED body static mode test failure voltage of not less than 2000V.

 5. Flatness
 LED display surface flatness to within 0≤a≤1mm, to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, partial raised or recessed will lead to the display viewing angle of dead ends.

 6. The reduction of color
 Reduction of color refers to the color LED display for color reduction, both the LED display to be highly consistent with the source of the color, so as to ensure realistic images.

 7. Brightness and viewing angle
 Indoor full color LED display brightness to the 800cd / m2 or more, outdoor full color LED display brightness to be in 1500? Cd / m2 or more, to ensure the normal display of the LED display, otherwise they will not see because of the brightness is too low clear the displayed image. If the environment is very bright, please preferred LED or rear projection. Brightness level mainly by the LED die is good or bad decision. ?
 LED directly determine the size of the viewing angle of the display viewing area much space, and therefore the bigger the better. The size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the LED chip.

 8. Impured Color
 Color refers to a small area of the missing color; the main reason is the control IC and power supply control circuit cable quality.

 9. Appearance
 LED screen appearance is the most intuitive, the most primitive of the product quality is good or bad to do most of the initial assessment. Appearance quality can reflect the quality of the manufacturer's production processes and materials.

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